Puerto Morelos – Aldea K'iin

Puerto Morelos was born as one of the most important fishing and cargo ports in the state.

Located 45 km from the heart of Cancun is Puerto Morelos, one of the state’s.

Interested in ecological tourism activities such as hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, exploring cenotes and zip in Puerto Morelos find the ideal place to enjoy their favorite activity framework while enjoying a sunny climate and the benefits of the Mayan jungle.

Some of the activities and events held in Puerto Morelos are fishing tournament in early June, various music festivals organized by the House of Culture, in addition to the International Theatre Festival Waterfront during the month of April. One of the most popular activities are the carnivals and celebrations to mark national holidays such as Independence Day.

La gastronomía del lugar está basada en mariscos y pesca fresca, además de contar con marcada influencia de cocinas como la argentina, uruguaya, española e italiana, además de la inolvidable y tradicional cocina mexicana. La influencia extranjera la trajeron aquellos expatriados que hicieron del puerto su segundo hogar.

Puerto Morelos was born as one of the leading fishing and cargo ports in the state. It has facilities for workboats, but due to it’s proximity to Playa del Carmen, the arrival not only of goods, but of cruises and ferries, is increasingly visible.

The reef surrounding the port has been declared a National Park and is the world’s second largest. This makes it ideal for water sports such as windsurfing, snorkeling, diving and fishing sport, in garden, a sanctuary of the Mayan jungle, where native fauna like the coati, spider monkeys, ocelots, crocodiles and boas live.